Door handles by Estonian designers

Valnes AS recently added new door handles by Estonian designers to the product range.

Elegant, minimalist

Ergonomics is also the most important keyword in the case of this door handle. A universal handle in the most positive sense of the term; well-suited to different environments. Read more here.

Pinnakate: läikiv kroom

Surfacing : chrome polished

Pinnakate: roostevaba toon

Surfasing: stainless steel








Ergonomic, handy

A door handle with soft lines, best suited for environments where the historic and modern are found coexisting side by side. Read more here.

Surfacing: chrome satin

Pinnakate: läikiv messing

Surfacing: brass polished









Intended to be used both indoors and outdoors. A universal handle and well-suited to different environments. Read more here.

Surfacing: chrome polished

Pinnakate: kroom satiin

Surfacing: chrome satin








Massive and powerful style

The handle is characterised by a powerful style, one that is popular at the moment in the Nordic countries. Read more here.

Välimine ukselink

External door handle

              Inner door handle


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