Leverset KABA TouchGo for narrow style doors


New product

The Kaba TouchGo electronic master key system frees you from looking for your keys. All you need to do is touch the door handle, and the lock recognizes, if you have valid access privileges. Whether for private or commercial use, as standalone or online solution, the Kaba TouchGo is perfect for everyone who values convenience as well as security.

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884,59 € tax incl.

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Basic equipment

Kaba TouchGo for private homes includes the door furniture (also available in protection grade ES1), and the access medium as well as the master transponder for programming. Kaba TouchGo can be installed on standard locks to ensure that nothing stands in the way for an easy installation.


Programming Kaba TouchGo is very easy. Touching the door handle with the programming master medium starts the programming process. Now all desired access media can be programmed by touching the handle with the corresponding user media in succession. The process is finalized by touching the door handle with the master medium.


The highest priority of any master key system is security. The same is true for the Kaba TouchGo but to a higher degree, because any access medium that is lost can be revoked quickly. This avoids both security gaps as well as the cost-intensive replacement of an entire master key system. Along with the new convenience, this is another important advantage of the electronic access system.

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