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valnes 3000 safety lock is the most convenient safety lock for your home. Valnes KABA technology allows for 270 million different key combinations.

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313,44 € tax incl.

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Advantages of the lock:

  • The lock combines safety of a safety lock, ease of use and attributes of a fireproof lock.
  • The safety lock can be locked from inside and outside only with a key.
  • The click of the lock reaches 20 mm outside the lock frame in a locked state
  • The front plate of lock frame is made of stainless steel.
  • The click of the lock can hold up to 10 kN lateral pressure.
  • The lock complies with requirements of European standard EN-EVS for safety locks.
  • Ventilation slide of additional handle can be moved with the key too.
  • Lock cylinders are fitted with round, stainless steel safety frames.
  • The external part of safety cylinder frame is conical and attached with screws, therefore it is not possible to remove it from outside.
  • Safety cylinder frames are available in two colours: matt stainless steel and glossy stainless steel.
  • Safety frames are made of 12 mm-thick stainless steel which gives the whole lock extra protection against drilling.
  • A distinctive feature of the lock, compared to Scandinavian standard locks, is that it can not be removed without the key – therefore it is not possible to steal the lock from public doors without damaging it.

Valnes 3000 Q safety lock set includes:

  • Patented KABA security cylinder
  • 3 keys and a protection card
  • fireproof safety lock frame with a stainless steel plate
  • security counter-plate

Door handle is not included in the set.

The unique key technology by KABA

The unique KABA technology allows for 270 million different key combinations. Keys are good-looking, and different level keys can be ordered with different covers. Keys are ergonomical and symmetrical, i.e., can be used both ways. Keys and lock cylinders comply with the highest Estonian standard – European Union standard EVS-EN 1303, class 5. Keys are patented. The patent ensures that new keys can be made only with accept of the owner and on producing of the key safety card.

Set includes

  • Fire-resist security lock
  • High security eschutchen for din cylinder
  • Security striker plate
  • Highsecurity cylinder Valnes Kaba


Product params

  • International Patent WO 01/774466, valid until 2021
  • A reversible key system at an attractive price
  • Available in master keyed, keyed differ or keyed alike systems
  • One modular insert (cylinder core) for all cylinder types
  • Key blanks are protected against unauthorised duplication
  • Practical and convenient, exchangeable key clips in up to 12 different colours help to organise and identify keys