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Fingerprint Lock


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With the Valnes E-link, with a finger lock and code, doors can be opened easily and conveniently. All it takes is putting a finger on the scanner, where the computer activates the lock mechanism in seconds, after having compared your fingerprint with the already scanned fingerprints stored in memory.

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514,87 € tax incl.

More info

  • Suitable for indoor use (public space, offices, schools, apartment buildings, etc.)
  • The product has a durable stainless steel body and handle
  • The finger lock works in a fast and stable way
  • Convenient size and angle in using the fingerprint reader
  • The core hole is possible to hide with the cover
  • Possible to open with a finger lock, a code and a key
  • Suitable for use in the European standard locks
  • Automatic locking and access control mode
  • Easy to install on top of an old lock housing
  • Material: Stainless steel

E-link is very easy to install because it uses a battery, and therefore there is no need to install additional electrical cables. You can keep your old door with a lock, because the E-link is simply installed onto an existing lock.


Technical data

Product params

  • Blue backlit touch screen display with 6-buttons
  • Mechanical emergency opening key
  • Allows up to 50 users and 5 master users
  • To open the lock, you must enter a 3-12 character password, or use the fingerprint recognition or a mechanical key
  • Independent power supply: 4 x AAA standard batteries (normal state duration 18 months)
  • Low battery alert
  • When the battery charge is low, a mechanical key can be used
  • Light and sound alert: voiceless, beep or melody
  • Static consumption of 12 uA
  • Dynamic consumption of 200 mA