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  • EL.OA1000 is a genuine breakthrough biometric identification terminals, which fully integrate fingerprint identification, camera, optional wireless communication, Utilizing 3.5 inch industrial TFT true color LCD, multimedia and embedded Windows CE operation system.

    885,22 €
  • Valnes Wifi is a user-friendly solution for homes and offices. After the one-time configuration, the fingerprint lock will unmistakeably recognise the user, and from now on you do not need to worry about leaving keys at home. Patented live & fake finger detection - optical sensor and algorithmdetect fake fingers (paper, film, silicone, rubber and gelatin).

    761,09 €
  • Valnes BioLock is the first genuinely weatherproof fingerprint reader for indoor and outdoor use. It gives comfortable and safe access to office or residential rooms. Using this latest generation fingerprint reader working on radio frequency and based on scanning technology you don’t need any keys or cards any more.

    364,60 €
  • With the Valnes E-link, with a finger lock and code, doors can be opened easily and conveniently. All it takes is putting a finger on the scanner, where the computer activates the lock mechanism in seconds, after having compared your fingerprint with the already scanned fingerprints stored in memory.

    288,00 €
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items