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  • EL.OA1000 is a genuine breakthrough biometric identification terminals, which fully integrate fingerprint identification, camera, optional wireless communication, Utilizing 3.5 inch industrial TFT true color LCD, multimedia and embedded Windows CE operation system.

    707,18 €
  • Valnes Wifi is a user-friendly solution for homes and offices. After the one-time configuration, the fingerprint lock will unmistakeably recognise the user, and from now on you do not need to worry about leaving keys at home. Patented live & fake finger detection - optical sensor and algorithmdetect fake fingers (paper, film, silicone, rubber and gelatin).

    608,02 €
  • The EL.AC2100 is a practical and affordable fingerprint authentication reader with patented fake fingerprint detection technology.

    565,60 €
  • With the Valnes E-link, with a finger lock and code, doors can be opened easily and conveniently. All it takes is putting a finger on the scanner, where the computer activates the lock mechanism in seconds, after having compared your fingerprint with the already scanned fingerprints stored in memory.

    411,34 €
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items