A time-saving and reliable locking solution for guest apartments!

Valnes WebLock is reliable and secure locking solution for apartments and holiday homes, enabling to conveniently share unique access codes with each customer at the time of their booking. The system operates smoothly even when the power and Internet connection are temporarily disconnected.  No unreasonable attendance nor unsafe key hiding. And this will remain forever!


Valnes Weblock lukustuslahendus külaliskorteritele

After booking, the customer shall receive a unique code that is valid for entry only during their stay.

How does Valnes WebLock locking solution work for guest apartments?
  • The customer will submit a booking on AirbnbBooking.com or via any other booking system.
  • In the Valnes WebLock admin interface, a customer shall be registered as a user and added access to his/her booked apartment or holiday home for the exact dates of the reservation with an hourly accuracy.
  • The code will be submitted to the e-mail of the customer.
  • The code will activate at the determined time. If the customer uses the code, it will be marked in the admin interface by which it is possible to check, if the client has entered the accommodation.
  • It is possible to leave the customer in the apartment with a standard key, chip or card to enter the apartment during his/her stay, if appropriate.
  • On the day of the customer’s departure, the access code assigned to the customer will be automatically cancelled.
  • Cleaners and other personnel use personally designated codes, door cards or chips. If necessary, it is possible to specify the time of day when the cleaner is allowed to enter the accommodation (for example, by prohibiting evening and night entry).
Additional Valnes WebLock Smart Lock options and features:
  • Report on working hours of cleaning (by entry and exit).
  • If you have more than one accommodation, one can easily see all of them in the Valnes WebLock user interface.
  • A cleaner can be assigned a single code to enter different apartments.
  • If also the front door of the apartment building has Valnes WebLock locking solution, the customer can be assigned the same code to open both doors.
  • The Valnes WebLock solution can easily be installed additionally on the exterior door of an apartment building, if the door already has an electric lock (this is usually the case if the front door has a door phone apartment station).
  • The codes may be set manually or have the system to generate them automatically.


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