Access solutions for sports centres, swimming pools, spas

Valnes Weblock läbipääsulahendus spordikeskustele

During the peak hours, the number of customers arriving at a sports centre or spa at the same time may be significant. Being able to access a sports club without standing in a queue increases customer satisfaction.

Valnes WebLock access solution to sports centres enables the customer registration to be transferred partially or in its entirety over a self-service online-environment, accelerating significantly the access time consumed upon entering the centre. The access solution may be integrated with the booking environment and checkout system, locking system of the lockers and the video surveillance system, as well as  working time recording.

How does the self-service Valnes WebLock access control system customized for sports centers work?
  • The customer places an online booking at the sports centre or a spa. After the reservation confirmation, he / she will be automatically issued a passcode or added access to his/her  keycard or chip.
  • Reservations may be placed by the customer either from their own internet device or from the self-checkout desk located in the centre. In case it is only wished to use the self-service environment as an additional option, it is possible to make to conveniently book and issue access to the self-service environment in the same way by the administrator.
  • The code to be issued may work for a single use as well as for a continuous access throughout the booking period.
  • Different bookings give the right to enter different doors (e.g. only a sports club or both a sports club and a swimming pool). The code is automatically valid for opening the doors to which the customer is entitled to according to the booking which he/she has made.
  • Convenient raporting, for invoicing to loyal customers (for example, tennis, squash or badmington club subscriptions) with usage-based contracts.
  • In monthly fee-based self-service sports clubs, a camera may be installed at the entrance to take a picture of the entrant every time a keycard is used. In case of a suspected misuse, the respective card users can easily be identified. Fingerprint recognition is available as well.
  • Employees use the employee cards, chips or codes emitted to them for personal use to move around the facilities. Every worker shall be given access to the specific facilities to which that worker needs access authorization.
  • If appropriate, codes, keycards and chips issued to employees may be cancelled with a few clicks.
  • One-off or time-limited codes may be issued to maintenance personnel to enter the facilities, likewise to customers. The staff member’s right of access to the facilities may also be limited by time of the day on the basis of weekdays.
  • Automatic configuration for general public, by which at certain times can be given the access without using a code, chip or a keycard. Only the exit mode option, i.e. automatic doors that open only to those heading from inside towards the outside. After a certain time, the sensor will no longer open the door from outside.

The Valnes WebLock access control solution for sports centres is customized according to the necessities of the company.

Additional options for sports centre access control solution:
  • Lockers may also be integrated into the system, allowing them to be locked and opened with the same keycards or chips.
  • Registering purchases of additional services or products and adding them to the customer’s account. For instance, upon purchasing products from a swimming pool café.
  • Valnes WebLock has a customized solution for spas and sports clubs that provide accommodation services as well, in addition to the sports club access control solution.
  • The Valnes WebLock access control solution for sports centres may be customized to different needs and integrated with different checkout or reservation systems.

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