A more affordable alternative to door phone apartment station – Valnes WebLock!

Kortermaja fonoluku alternatiiv

Valnes WebLock is great for managing access to apartment buildings.

 The door phone apartment station  traditionally has two functions: transmitting a call from the front door to the apartment intercom and opening the door by pressing a button on the apartment intercom. The Valnes WebLock system does not need  an apartment intercom, but still the owner can submit the code or open the door to the guest from the web interface. Thanks to the absence of the intercoms, the system costs less and that is why many people living in apartments, upon changing the door phone apartment station, make a decision to the benefit of Valnes WebLock.

How does it work?
  • Valnes WebLock is suitable both for new apartment buildings and as a replacement for an existing door phone apartment station  or as its additional system. There is no need to add an electronic door lock to an existing door phone apartment station.
  • One or more users (such as the administrator or the chairman of the housing association) are given the administrative powers to manage the access rights from the web interface.
  • Each apartment owner will be issued a unique code and, upon request, also  the chipsor keycards to enter doors of general access. The doors of general access may be later opened also by using a key.
  • The entire house locking system may also be managed by a Valnes WebLock electronic locking system (including apartment doors, storage room doors). If this is the case, each apartment owner will have an administrative user rights to manage access to their apartment, and the general administrator of the building will not be able to manage access to individual apartments.
  • In case anybody in the house should lose the chipcard or believes their personal code has been made public, the administrator can cancel it with a few clicks and issue a new code and a chipcard.
Garaaži lukud saab samuti lisada Valnes Weblocki süsteemiga.

Opening a garage feature can also be added to the Valnes WebLock system.

Additional options
  • Garages and parking lot or other public areas can also be equipped with locks that can be unlocked by using theValnes WebLock system, connected by codes, chips or keycards.
  • Also the use of a lifts may be restricted by a chip, keycard or code.
  • Mailmen and couriers can be conveniently shared codes to access the staircase.
  • Temporary and time-limited, one-off codes for maintenance companies or other contractors. For the sole scope of opening the doors, the administrator does not have to meet up and hand over the keys to the maintenance company.


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