Solution for hotel passcodes – Valnes WebLock

The Valnes WebLock hotel passcode solution allows to conveniently issue visiting cards or codes to the customers for them to enter the hotel rooms. As an additional solution, there is an option to provide customers with a convenient self-check-in system. At the same time, both customer satisfaction increases, as the annoying check-in counters will be off, and the hotel profitability rises at the expense of labor costs! It is a win-win situation to everyone!

Valnes WebLock

In Valnes WebLock system, the passcodes and keycards may be used parallelly. Passcodes provide convenient self-check-in administration system.

How does Valnes WebLock passcode solution work for the hotels?
  • Valnes WebLock has an administrative interface in Estonian, which renders it easy for the hotel administrators to emit keycards or access codes. The codes may be set manually or have the system to generate them automatically.
  • For self-check-inyou can install an automated tablet in the lobby of the hotel or add a web interface that enables the customer to check in on their smart device to be done immediately before or on their arrival.  The self-check-in system is the most advantageous way to issue a unique one-off code (or the one set for the entire stay) to customers entering the room, and the customer may already use the keycards or chips set for this particular room.
  • Valnes WebLock has been integrated with the Mews PMS system. From there, the information about customer bookings is automatically transferred into the Valnes WebLock system. Other integrated systems are under development (ask for further information!).
Additional options for Valnes WebLock locking solution to provide the customers with a better service:
  • Payment solution. The customer may register their hotel purchases on a keycard or chip and pay for them with a common bill upon a check-out.
  • Pay-per-dayall-inclusiveand other additional packages. Valnes WebLock makes arranging different accommodation packages convenient, even on a daily basis, as the cloud-based system enables the hotel administrator to comfortably change the access or service consuming permissions at any time during the stay of the customer, according to the set packages. Unlike the off-line systems, the customer does not have to reach the administrator desk to change their keycard. Package rights are automatically transferred to the card and also revoked in the similar way. All-inclusiveor other additional service subscriptions can also be transferred to the self-service environment.
  • Parking arrangements. The customer can access the parking lot or garage with the same keycard or using the same code. If parking is charged, it will be automatically added to the customer’s hotel bill.
  • Spa-visits. Reception of external spa customers can also be directed to a self-service stand or to an online environment. A one-off code will be issued to the customer to enter the spa and in the respective locker a chip or a keycard will be waiting for the customer to enter the other facilities. Read more about the WebLock solution customized for spas and gyms here.
Valnes WebLock’s other functions:
  • A report is provided on the working time of cleaners (by entering and leaving the rooms).
  • One-off or 24-hour codes for other maintenance personnel.
  • Floor-based lift use.


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