The Valnes WebLock system – an effective access control for commercial real estate properties

The Valnes WebLock  online locking system helps to manage the commercial real estate in a time-saving manner. Forget about the cost of replacing lost keys or lock cores! The chips, staff cards and codes may be cancelled and replaced with new ones in a few clicks, if necessary. Public doors for tenants’ customers may be automated according to respective weekdays and public holidays.

Valnes Weblock ärikinnisvarale

The Valnes WebLock automatic settings also make it possible to restrict the use of the lift at certain times exclusively on the basis of a staff card or chip.

How does it work?
  • Convenient access control in the Valnes WebLock online application in the Estonian language.
  • There may be one or more authorized administrators.
  • Tenants can be granted limited rights to use the administrative interface.
  • Groups of predefined rights for more convenient card order placement and for the administration of authorizations.
  • Access rights with undefinite time limits both for an undefinite and definite period (for example, until the expiry of the lease agreement).
  • Possibility to use a one-off 24-hour code.
  • Personalized staff cards with company logo and other employee identification data.
  • Employee access may be linked to a public transport validation card or a new ID card.
  • You may also gain access, by using codes, chips or keycards. Each staff member may also be given a personal access code, which can be revoked by the administrator in just a few clicks, if necessary.
  • Temporary unique code or temporary staff card emitted for a new employee.
Valnes WebLock automatic settings:
  • Weekly and hourly settings for the general public.
  • Automatic settings for the summer and the winter door regime.
  • Only the exit mode option, i.e. automatic doors that open only to those heading from inside towards the outside. After a certain time, the sensor will no longer open the door from outside.
  • Automatic settings may also be added to lifts and limited use at certain times exclusively by using  a chip or a key card.
The additional options of the Valnes WebLock access control solution:
  • Use of the barrier of the parking lot or the garage with the staff card or chip.
  • Working time records.
  • Locking of the personal lockers of the staff.
  • Submission of access codes to the courier.
  • The Valnes WebLock access control system for commercial real estate is applicable to various business-related necessities.
  • Valnes WebLock access control system is merely one part of the entire locking service.  Valnes offers a complete set for a locking solution, starting from the project and finishing with the instalment, including  door automation door closers panic locks, handholds and door handles and also control instruments.
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