Valnes Weblock Online

If you have dreamed about a locking solution that would make your life easier, Valnes WebLock Online is right for you. It enables doors to be locked and unlocked, access rights to be administered with date and time restrictions, keys to be deleted, opening rights to be changed, and the use of rooms and services monitored – all via the Internet, using any computer or smart device. The Valnes WebLock application’s user interface is easily administered, and can be adjusted to fit the needs of the client.



  • Door locks
  • Gates and barriers
  • Lifts
  • Recording of working time
  • Keeping track of the use of services or the consumption of products
  • Video cameras (in the near future)
  • Lockers (in the near future)


The Valnes WebLock web environment and the exchanging of information are encrypted and kept on a server that is secured with bank-level security. In addition to logging in to the system with a username and password, one can also simply and securely log in using an ID card and Mobiil-ID. If desired, the client can also store the software on their own server (for example, state agencies). Lost cards or chips can be immediately deleted or suspended.
Valnes WebLock locking also operates in the event of an Internet connection or power disruption.
In the event of an interruption to the Internet connection, the system will continue to operate based on the last synchronised settings. During the interruption all operations are saved in the controller’s memory, and are sent to the server once the Internet connection has been restored. This provides the administrator with an overview of the operations that took place when an Internet connection was unavailable. The Valnes WebLock access system is equipped with a battery, which ensures the uninterrupted functioning of the system during power outages.

Statistics and reporting options

Valnes Weblock’s cloud based software can be adjusted to meet the client’s needs, allowing for automated reports and extracts on the activities of users. Among other things, records can be kept on the number of diners in a canteen, the time spent using a sports hall or aquatic centre, and the lending of books can be organised at a company or school.

Valnes Weblock´s parts


IP-controller. The door controller is connected to the Internet and an electric lock, striker or door magnet is connected to it.


Card reader. WebLock card reader user rights can be assigned via the Internet, in real time, using any smart device.


Code and card reader. The code and card reader allows user codes to be created and cancelled via the Internet, using the Valnes WebLock application.













Device box. The device box contains the power supply, battery and controller.


Electronic Valnes KABA key. The microchip equipped KABA key allows for the lock and access system to be connected.











Valnes card, chip, waterproof wristband. Option to order custom designed cards (for example, bearing the company’s logo, an individual’s picture and data). In addition to the card, it is also possible implement the use of various electronic chips and waterproof wristbands.


Valnes WebLock application. The WebLock user interface is easy to use. It can be accessed via a computer or any smart devices with an Internet connection, by entering a username and password, ID-Card or Mobiil-ID. In addition to the administration of access rights, it also allows for reporting in accordance with the client’s wishes and the collecting of statistics on the consumption of services and products (for example, in a canteen, library, sports hall, etc.).












Diagram detailing the operation of WebLock



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