Valnes TouchGo

Valnes TouchGo hands-free locking is just what you need, if you are one of those people who always has to dig deep to the bottom of their bags or pockets to find keys. Just touch the door handle and the lock will know  whether the user has keys and the rights to open the door.  The user of the system can set the door lock to close  automatically after he/she has entered, or leave the lock open.



  • Opening of doors by door handles or touch of the reader
  • Suitable for homes and offices
  • Integrates with mechanical locking
  • In offices, possibility to integrate with the existing access and payment system based on RFID technology
  • Enables to provide guests with temporary access rights *
  • Settings via main console or Internet *

* By using management software

Valnes TouchGo touch lock for your office

The touch system can be integrated with the existing locking solution, including the recognition solution based on RFID technology. That is why the transformation to Valnes TouchGo system may not be carried out everywhere in the office at once, and you can start with the most important doors. The door cards of only those employees to whom you wish to grant touch-sensitive access should be replaced. Other employees can continue to use RFID door cards or mechanical keys.

All configurations can be made centrally with a programming device by using in the computer a specific management interface or software. Automatic copying of the content in an electronic lock will synchronize the RFID card with Valnes TouchGo function and the door handle will be instantly ready for using.

Valnes TouchGo touch lock for your home

Valnes TouchGo touch lock can be easily mounted on the existing door. Instead if a key, it uses a transponder that you can carry around with you in your purse or pocket. The system can be configured to automatically lock the door or leave the door unlocked after entering (so-called day mode).

Configuration is super easy. The programming is triggered by touching the door handle with the control device.

The TouchGo system is suitable for homes and offices. Office solutions allow to configure user rights according to the rooms used by them, so that users will be able to open only those doors they have the rights for. Another advantage of TouchGo system is that keys can be easily annulled and reconfigured. If a key is lost, it can easily be annulled. To implement the TouchGo system, no additional cables are needed

Ask for more information from the dealer of AS Valnes!


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