Danalock smart lock

Danalock is an electronic phone-controlled smart lock with Bluetooth connectivity, in which all information is encrypted, using a military standard security protocol AES-256. Thus, hacking is highly complicated and practically impossible.

Easy and convenient

Danalock smart lock is installed conveniently on an already existing. The installation does not require cabling
and is super easy. The smart lock can be fitted to existing Scandinavian type locks (VAL565, 565 and LC200) and the door can be opened with a key if desired. When activating the automatic Bluetooth identification, you do not even need to look for a phone from your pocket to unlock the door.

An overview of the usage

A notification of the use of the lock can be ordered to the phone if desired. In addition, a trail remains in the information system, so you can check which user has used the lock. The lock can be configured so that it locks the door automatically when you leave, so you do not have to worry about forgetting the door unlocked.

Ideal for visitor’s apartments and holiday homes

With Danalock, you can open the door lock from a distance or give guests permanent, repeated and temporary access by SMS or via e-mail. To use mobile locking, the users need to download a mobile application. This solution is convenient when guests arrive at a time when you cannot use your mobile phone yourself, and there is no risk of keys disappearing or forgetting behind the door during a visit. Danalock mobile application is integrated with the Airbnb booking system that allows sending the rights directly to the guests for their accommodation period.

Automatic locking/unlocking

Getting home has never been easier. Danalock automatic Bluetooth identification opens the door lock for you!

Compatible with smart home systems

Danalock smart lock comes in versions that support the major smart home gateway systems, including Apple HomeKit technology, Z-Wave and Zigbee.

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