Card reader set for accommodation establishment

Valnes online card system guarantees security and simplifies the work of hotel administrators.

The implementation of Valnes online card system enables to verify the security of the accommodation building,SALTO_online kaardilugeja1 add or remove access rights, and collect data from every single door right from behind the hotel manager’s or administrator’s desk.  Access rights will be verified and renewed via wireless virtual network.

Valnes recommends to use RFID cards (correspond to ISO 14.443A, ISO 14.443B and ISO 15.963 (VICINITY) standards) because, unlike regular magnet cards, RFID cards do not wear down or demagnetize. For opening, you can also use chips, tags (NFC), watches, bracelets and other devices. There are also waterproof cards available.


  • Based on software – fast software-based exchange of rooms and prolongation of accommodation time, fast software-based annulment of the main card.
  • Real-time operation – monitoring of employees and doors, and real-time check-out of customers.
  • Real-time audits – real-time audits and extracts.
  • Remote support – check-out of customers and opening of doors via computer.
  • Notifications – automatic report on low batteries.
  • Alarm – burglar and open door alarm.





In addition to described card system solutions, Valnes offers a wide range of other solutions for making accommodation establishments more up-to-date and strengthening their security. We offer a variety of locks with cards and chips, fingerprint readers, convenient and easily mountable e-handles, WebLock, etc. Contact us, and we will help you find the best solution.


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