E-student card – both an ID and an access card at the same time!

More than 30 000 users are already using Valnes e-student card. E-student card solution, which was initiated by the joint project of AS Valnes and Tiigrihüpe Foundation, is now being used in more than 60 schools. Moreover, at a Security Conference, Valnes e-student card solution was awarded the title of “Acknowledged Security Solution 2012”.


  • access systems for doors
  • card system for changing rooms and lockers
  • catering management in school diners
  • management of home lending in libraries (integration with RIKS and URRAM library software is available)
  • certification of the right to use public transport
  • card system for school buses
  • possibility to add of simple functions carried out in school environment (printing, copying, vending machines, etc.)
  • integration with e-School (possibility to monitor arriving at/leaving school, skipped classes, eating in school diner, data/validity of student cards)
  • access systems are integrated with ATS-systems (if the fire alarm system should go off, the locks will be automatically opened)
  • e-student card can also be used in other card systems

Schools can order e-student cards with school’s symbols and desired design. Browser-based administration can be carried out from every computer that has Internet connection. Easy-to-use administration environment is in Estonian language. Data will be stored in a secure cloud server.

Valnes e-student card system is a promising and constantly updated software solution that guarantees security in school.

E-student card is based on Valnes WebLock application

Valnes WebLock is a unique web-based locking application which enables to open doors and monitor people’s movement over mobile phones or computers. Valnes WebLock is also used to operate security devices, video cameras and gates.


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