E-linkWith the Valnes E-link, with a finger lock and code, doors can be opened easily and conveniently. All it takes is putting a finger on the scanner, where the computer activates the lock mechanism in seconds, after having compared your fingerprint with the already scanned fingerprints stored in memory.

Suitable for indoor use (public space, offices, schools, apartment buildings, etc). The finger lock works in a fast and stable way.


  • The product has a durable stainless steel body and handle
  • Possible to open with a finger lock, a code and a key
  • Automatic locking and access control mode
  • Easy to install on top of an old lock housing
  • Suitable for use in the European standard locks

E-link is very easy to install because it uses a battery, and therefore there is no need to install additional electrical cables. You can keep your
old door with a lock, because the E-link is simply installed onto an existing lock.



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