For cutting keys, the security key card is required

Valnes Kaba võti

Valnes Kaba Key

There are two types of keys used for Valnes safety locks: Valnes Multi and Valnes Kaba. Cutting of both key types requires the security key card which ensures the accuracy and reliability of the key.

Valnes Multi keys are cut by the locksmiths whose contact data is here.

Valnes Multi Key

Valnes Multi key copied without the security key card may not open the door and ruin the lock due toinaccuracy.  Valnes Kaba key can be ordered from Valnes AS on the basis of the key card, and received in 2–3 weeks.

if there is no locksmith in your location, turn to the closest building materials store that sells Valnes products or contact Valnes AS directly by e-mail maria@valnes.ee or phone 6 565 485.


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