A 2-year warranty shall apply to all products supplied by AS Valnes.

A 5-year warranty shall apply to these products of AS Valnes:

– VALNES 3000 burglar-resistant locks;
– VALNES 4000 burglar-resistant locks;
– VAL door latches: VALT72, VALT81J, VALT836;
– Burglar-resistant cylinders;
– Door handles: EXC, R.

Terms and conditions of warranty

– The term of warranty shall begin from the date when a product is purchased.
– Warranty shall be based on a receipt or invoice proving purchase.
– Any deficiencies resulting from materials or manufacturing defects shall be provided for under warranty.
– For some products, the terms and conditions of warranty may be different.
– General terms and conditions of warranty of AS Valnes. When these products are purchased, the customer shall be notified additionally.


– To take advantage of the warranty, the end consumer shall, before the end of the term of warranty, present a written complaint to the distributor for AS Valnes or the office of AS Valnes from which the product has been purchased.
– AS Valnes shall be entitled, at its discretion, to decide whether a product is to be repaired or replaced or whether the purchase price is to be refunded to the end consumer.
– Any products with malfunctions revealed during the term of warranty, or any parts thereof, shall be replaced or repaired at the expense of AS Valnes (except for any keys or consumables).
– If the inspection of a product reveals no materials or manufacturing defects, AS Valnes shall be entitled to present an invoice for any work performed.

Product repairs

– If a product can no longer be repaired on site, the end consumer shall deliver the product either to a distributor for AS Valnes or an office of AS Valnes.
– Any costs of product repairs shall be paid by AS Valnes.
– If a product is repaired, the term of warranty shall be extended by the length of the period between the presentation of the complaint and the completion of the repairs.

Product replacement

– A product shall be replaced with a new product of the same type, product and quality.
– If, at the time of the presentation of a complaint, a given product is no longer being manufactured or if this product is not being manufactured in its exact previous design, AS Valnes shall be entitled to replace it with a similar product.
– Unless agreed otherwise, the end consumer her/himself shall go and collect a product from the nearest distributor for AS Valnes or the nearest office of AS Valnes.
– A new warranty, on the same terms as this warranty, shall apply to any replacement products from the date of their delivery.

Purchase price refund

– By prior agreement with AS Valnes, the end consumer shall return the product and AS Valnes shall refund the purchase price paid by the end consumer.

Warranty restrictions

– A product shall be assembled, used and maintained in accordance with the instructions provided with the product. These instructions have been provided also on the website of AS Valnes at In the event of non-compliance with the requirements, warranty shall become void.

Deficiencies not covered by warranty

– if a product has been installed in a location not included among the recommended installation locations;
– use of incompatible spare parts or accessories (such as an incompatible power supply);
– if a fault in the product has been caused by its incorrect installation, assembly, use or maintenance;
– natural wear and tear or minor defects in a product not affecting the reliability of the product (such as surface coating scratches);
– if a fault in the product has been caused by mechanical or physical damage to it;

– AS Valnes shall assume no liability for any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by circumstances beyond the control of AS Valnes, including a strike, fire, import restrictions, political instability, unusual natural phenomena, vandalism or any other factors that constitute force majeure.
– This warranty shall not affect any of the end consumer’s rights arising under any mandatory legal provisions applicable to a sale to the consumer.



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