WebLock can now be installed in complex locations

A new controller, designed for mobile communication with the Valnes WebLock smart lock, is now ready, which can also be installed in complex locations lacking access to Wi-Fi or cable internet networks, thanks to Elisa’s low-frequency IoT Internet of Things network. The new controller allows for the easier installation of the Valnes WebLock, for example, on tennis courts or construction sites.

In the new Career Centre of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund, the house manager can open the doors from a distance

The Career Centre of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund recently opened in the Fahle Quarter in Tallinn. The building’s access solution was chosen as a result of the public procurement from the Valnes lock company. Today we will meet with Raivo Terras, a specialist in the administrative department of the Unemployment Insurance Fund, to see how Valnes WebLock’s cloud-based locking solution can meet one’s needs.


Automated tennis courts get a lot of interest

“There is an active interest in a complete solution for automated tennis courts, both from Estonia and elsewhere,” says Margus Randmäe, CEO of MyGames. MyGames, in cooperation with Valnes WebLock smart lock and other partners, offers a complete solution that allows you to automate the booking and payment of a tennis court, as well as access to the court, lighting and maintenance.


Valnes WebLock access codes are automatically transmitted to customers via Guesty

The integration of Guesty and the Valnes WebLock interface is complete! Managers of guest apartments, holiday homes, and other short-term accommodations have reason to rejoice. In addition to automating general communication, Guesty management software now allows you to automatically send personal Valnes WebLock access codes to clients.

Valnes WebLock ja Guesty liidestus on valmis (more…)

Employee time and attendance tracking made easy thanks to the Persona and Valnes WebLock interface

The automated calculating of employee working hours allows one to save a lot of time and avoid payroll errors. At the end of 2020, Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa automated employee time and attendance tracking. Persona’s staff planning, work schedule, and payroll software was integrated with the Valnes access control system.

Read on about how they came up with this solution and why they are satisfied with results.


Valnes WebLock is now integrated with BidrentoPro rental property management software!

Long-term leased real estate can now be managed completely contactlessly. Thanks to the new interface of the  BidrentoPro rental property management software and the Valnes WebLock cloud-based access solution, the landlord can control all processes via the internet, from the display of the leased area to the handover of the apartment, as well as maintenance.


Valnes WebLock brings hotel service to a whole new level

‘I am the only employee at an apartment hotel with eight apartments who comes into direct contact with customers,’ says the CEO of Konrad Apartments hotel, Aile Anja. Valnes WebLock enables the entirety of customer communication to be conducted at a distance; requiring about an hour per day. In the case of a traditional hotel reception with a receptionist, at least one person must be on site for 12 hours at the hotel, and this would mean having to hire two or more employees.

Door handles by Estonian designers

Valnes AS recently added new door handles by Estonian designers to the product range.


What are the benefits of e-student card?

E-student card has four basic functions: a student card, school library card, means of payment in school diner, and compatibility with e-ticket on public transport and e-school system.


For SEB’s home loan customers, Valnes Kaba cylinders 20% off the price

We offer for SEB’s home loan customers 20% off the price of Valnes Kaba cylinders with high level of security. In order to use the offer, please call 6 565 485, write at[1}valnes@valnes.ee or visit Valnes’s sales office in Tallinn at Pärnu mnt 139/E4.



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