Door handles by Estonian designers

Valnes AS recently added new door handles by Estonian designers to the product range.


What are the benefits of e-student card?

E-student card has four basic functions: a student card, school library card, means of payment in school diner, and compatibility with e-ticket on public transport and e-school system.


For SEB’s home loan customers, Valnes Kaba cylinders 20% off the price

We offer for SEB’s home loan customers 20% off the price of Valnes Kaba cylinders with high level of security. In order to use the offer, please call 6 565 485, write at[1} or visit Valnes’s sales office in Tallinn at Pärnu mnt 139/E4.


For door manufacturers

Product warranty directly on the set – only from Valnes!  Great offer for door manufacturers:

The product warranty frees you from potential additional expenses during the warranty period of locking products. It is an easy and reliable way for selling Valnes locking products with doors.



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